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As the owner or manager of a commercial facility that works with individuals that are elderly, disabled, or recovering from injury, it is extremely important that you provide them with an easily accessible bathtub or shower so that the patients, residents, and guests don’t have to stress about simple hygiene routines.

At Top-Notch Tubs, we specialize in commercial bathtub modifications by installing CleanCut™ products into existing bathtubs. Our team of Platinum Installers work hard to provide top-tier services to our commercial customers with projects of every size. Call our team at Top-Notch Tubs today to get started!

Commercial Installation Services

Multi-Unit Installations

When it comes to commercial installation services for bathtub modifications, this most commonly consists of installing multiple units into the facility at the same time. Our team of Platinum Installers have the experience and expertise needed to complete your multi-unit installation quickly and efficiently. In addition, our multi-unit installation services offer different features and benefits, including discounted rates.

Single-Unit Installations

While less common, sometimes commercial installation services consist of just a single bathtub modification. Our team of Platinum Installers at Top-Notch Tubs is always willing to do what we can to accommodate your needs, which is why we offer single-unit installations at our standard prices within our service area. We are also willing to travel outside of our service area for single-unit installation for a small travel fee.

The CleanCut® Products We Offer

At Top-Notch Tubs, we strive to provide our commercial clients with a variety of bathtub modification products to improve their properties. As Platinum Installers for CleanCut™, our team offers commercial installation services all over the nation for the following CleanCut™ products:


The CleanCut™ Step

The CleanCut™ Step bathtub modification is perfect for many commercial buildings. By simply cutting out the side of the bathtub and installing this product, it offers an easy and cost-effective solution for transforming existing bathtubs into step-in showers.

  • Standard Tub Installation Cost: $895

  • Cast Iron Tub Installation Cost: $995

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The CleanCut™ Convertible

The CleanCut™ Convertible bathtub modification offers an elevated tub and shower experience for patients, residents, and guests as the removable insert provides the capability of enjoying a bath without the hassle of getting over the edge of the tub.

  • Standard Tub Installation Cost: $1395

  • Cast Iron Tub Installation Cost: $1495

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The CleanCut™ Ultra-Low

The CleanCut™ Ultra-Low bathtub modification allows commercial buildings that contain deep bathtubs to provide their patients, residents, and guests with the many features and benefits of a step-in shower — for a stress-free showering experience.

  • Standard Tub Installation Cost: $1095

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*Pricing is for a single installation within our service area and includes both the product and installation service. Our team will travel outside of our service area for multiple installations or a travel charge. Discounted rates are offered to commercial customers with multiple installations on the same visit or multiple locations on the same trip. Call our team for additional details!

Our Commercial Installation Process

Our team of CleanCut™ Platinum Installers follow a thorough and efficient process for each of our commercial installation projects. This helps us guarantee high-quality bathtub modifications that will last for many years to come. Contact Top-Notch Tubs today with any questions about our installation process!



For commercial installations, our team always takes the time to understand your specific needs through a free consultation and create a plan for installing the CleanCut™ products.



On the day of the planned installation services, we will prepare the area prior to getting started. This consists of covering the surrounding areas to avoid a mess caused by construction debris.



Our installation process consists of our CleanCut™ Platinum Installers cutting out a notch from the side of the existing bathtub and properly installing and sealing the product in the notch created.



Once the installation is complete, our team cleans up all the construction debris — leaving your property looking better than we found it. After cleaning up, we will meet with you to ensure your satisfaction.

Types of Commercial Customers We Serve

It is our mission at Top-Notch Tubs to provide any and all commercial customers with the bathtub modification services they need to improve their property for their patients, residents, and guests. Over the years, our team of CleanCut™ Platinum Installers have worked with a number of different types of commercial customers, including those listed below. Not sure if your property qualifies for our commercial services? Give our team a call today for additional information!

  • Assisted Living Communities

  • Continuing-Care Communities

  • Rehabilitation Hospitals

  • Hotels

  • Section-8 Housing

  • USDA Rural Housing Communities

  • Housing Authorities or Hotels in the U.S.

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Additional Benefits Of Step-In Showers And Tubs From CleanCut™

At Top-Notch Tubs, we strongly believe that all commercial properties that are housing or caring for individuals that are elderly, disabled, or recovering from an injury should have step-in showers and/or tubs available to their patients, residents, and guests. Having CleanCut™ products installed to create step-in showers and tubs offers several different benefits both to the property itself, as well as those staying or living within the buildings. Below are some of the major benefits of having Top-Notch Tubs install CleanCut™ bathtub modification products within your commercial property.

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Provides Easy Access Into the Bath or Shower

Show your residents, patients, and guests that you truly care about their well-being by providing easy access to the bath or shower for stress-free personal hygiene.

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Reduces the Chances of Falling

By transforming your bathtubs into step-in showers or tubs, you reduce the chances of having someone staying or living in your commercial building from falling and possibly getting injured.

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CleanCut™ Products Transform Your Existing Tub

These products are simply installed in your standard bathtubs to create step-in showers or tubs, meaning there is no need to rip out the existing bathtubs or deal with major construction.

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CleanCut™ Products are Cost-Effective

By eliminating the need to rip out the existing tubs and remodeling the space to install brand new units, CleanCut™ bathtub modification products are installed for a fraction of the cost.

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CleanCut™ Products Provide a Quick and Easy Solution

CleanCut™ products offer a quick and easy solution, especially for commercial property owners or managers as the installation process takes a matter of hours or days rather than weeks or months.

Choosing Top-Notch Tubs

We offer comprehensive services and discounts for multi-unit installations. At Top-Notch Tubs, we are thorough, efficient, and can accommodate your needs right away for time-sensitive service. Top-Notch Tubs is proud to be the primary go-to service provider for commercial bathtub modifications. No matter the size of the job, our team treats every client with personalized care. Our team performs all installations — we don't outsource any work, ensuring we are always available to answer any questions.

If you manage a commercial property and need to modify the existing bathtubs in your facility for accessibility, look no further than Top-Notch Tubs. We have more than nine years of experience developing, producing, distributing, and providing support to commercial properties in the United States and Canada. With our expertise, we can quickly and affordably modify your existing bathtub using The CleanCut™ Step, The Ultra-Low™, or The Convertible™ products, depending on your needs. Contact our team to schedule your installation today!

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