I’m Randy Slattery, owner of Top-Notch Tubs, and I personally complete all of my installations. As the former Vice President of Operations for CleanCut™, I have over five years of experience developing, producing, distributing, and providing technical support to walk-in tub installers located throughout the United States and Canada.

  • Why Install A Walk-In Bathtub?
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Prior to leading the operations of CleanCut™, I maintained various leadership roles in both large and medium-size organizations. I began my career in the Army as an Ordinance Captain, and subsequently held positions including GE Six Sigma Black Belt, District Manager (Target Corporation Facility Maintenance), and Plant Manager. Top-Notch Tubs completes installations and projects for residential customers, large communities, and everything in between. I am passionate about providing Top-notch services and products to my customers to make taking a bath easy and enjoyable.

Why choose Top Notch Tubs?

  1. Employed by the manufacturer for over five years.

  2. Has the experience needed to complete jobs of all sizes.

  3. Personally completed hundreds of installations.

  4. Willing to travel for jobs outside my local area.

  5. Offer discounts for projects that include multiple installations.